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2 reviews
I had an earlier incident with another vendor in the area so I had to cancel that order and re-order. I chose Katie O's Soul Food for my brother who was admitted to a ver local hospital. The OWNER got on the phone with me and explained that SHE would have to make this delivery due to parking. I thought THAT is what customer service is all about and I KNOW my brother is going to enjoy some amazing food from this place. ***** Stars for Katie and her staff!!!!


Top Reviewer
Delivery takes around an hour 45 mins so just order ahead of time so that you don't have the wait to complain about because the food is so worth it. Being from the south, this is my favorite southern spot I've found in ny so far. Everything is delicious...the corn bread is so moist and sweet and amazing. The owner usually delivers it herself and she's very nice. Always consistent. 5 stars


2 reviews
The order came abt 15mins earlier than expected. The food was warm and visually appearing. The food was really good and did not have a lot of salt. We were looking for something other than the regular and was pleasantly surprised. Me and my boyfriend both agree that this was the best Grubhub food we have had so far and will be using them again in the future


Top Reviewer
The food was amazing. My family rarely likes restaurant food as much as mine and they finally did. I eat lots of takeout and this is the BEST FOOD. Also, the driver got out of his car and brought my son the food. This is now my go to anytime I dont want to cook. Love them!


Top Reviewer
Food was so good that I didn't mind it took 90 minutes to get it delivered, it just required some warm up time. The pulled pork, po-boy, and banana pudding was ridiculously good - soul food heaven. They're probably best as a 'pick-up' place if you're starving now.

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Katie O's Soul Food Reviews on Seamless


2 reviews
Ordered oxtails
Potato salad
Mac n cheese
N rice n peas
I thought I would get the regular like any other restaurant..... Katie O surprised tf outta me lol! This food was bomb af! Not a bad thing to say! That rice wit the coconut oh man! Those greens wit a hint of spice! Every bite I was sayin OMG
I dont normally write but gawwwwwwwwdddddaaaammmm u put love in that cookin
Halleluyerrrrrr chile that food is bomb af
Will be ordering again n tellin everydamn body bout it


Top Reviewer
I really love the food from this place, Katie O herself is super friendly and let me try the banana pudding while she was putting my order together. They never put the order together before you arrive (to prevent the food from getting all mixed together), so you just have to be a little patient. The food containers they use are the cheapest, if they would upgrade this, they could probably charge more.


Top Reviewer
I ordered the barbque chicken combo as well as the fish and shrimp combo...absolutely DELICIOUS! Delivery was on time, and the presentation was even beautiful! The candied yams and collards were soooo good. I would highly recommend this spot, and will definitely be ordering again!


4 reviews
Prep & delivery time is long, but consistent with the times posted, and what I have come to expect from seamless in my area. The food is excellent--fried chicken, potato salad, candied yams. All seasoned well, but not overwhelmingly so. Recommended!


2 reviews
After a horrific experience with UberEats where my food was marked delivered but I never received it. I placed a last minute order shortly before the restaurant closed and I was preparing myself for a so-so meal but the food was absolutely AMAZING.

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